Prasad Calyam

Professor and CERI Center Director

Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,

University of Missouri-Columbia

Office Phone: (573)-882-9747

E-mail: calyamp AT 


>>"Aneesh Calyam, 2013 " - Space Ranger! 

>>"Ayush Calyam, 2016 " - Space Rider! 

>>"Aneesh & Ayush, 2018 " - Space Watchers! 

>>"My Instrumental Music Hobby" - I enjoy playing the bamboo flute, mridangam (Indian Drum), and love to compose Indian-Western fusion music on the keyboard; Check out my 2023 "India Nite Bollywood Songs performance", 2022 "India Nite Bollywood Songs Performance featuring my flute playing" and 2016 “Instrumental Jugalbandi Performance featuring my mridangam and flute playing.” Another simultaneous flute (pre-recorded) and mridangam (live) playing performance in 2018 is here.

>>"PARAM"- The Indian Western Fusion Music Band I founded while I was a student at OSU

Co-founders: Karthik Venkataraman (Keyboard and Vocals), Chitra Ranganathan (Vocals), Vijay Neelakantan (Guitar)

My Role: Music Director, Flutist, Keyboard Player, Vocals 

Raagam” (Studio Recording)

Bhaavam” (Studio Recording)

Kulam” (Studio Recording)

Swaram” (Live)

Dhyanam” (Live)

Bhajagovindam” (Live)

Shanthakaram” (Live)

Desham” (Live)

Video Song: Ennakonjum” (PBS Studio Recording)

Video Song: Bhaavam” (Creative Graphic effects by Christopher Cook)

>>"Bal Sabha" - I serve as the Moderator and 'Guru' (Teacher) of “Bal Sabha”, a monthly kids forum at “Shanthi Mandir” for elementary and middle school students to have cultural and academic discussions as well as participate in activities including musical performances, public speaking, bike rides, and picnics!